Air Hose/Electrical Cable Managment

SideWinder a NEW innovative product that manages Air Line Hoses/Electrical Cable for Semi Trucks and Trailers.

  • Patented technology
  • Automatic Retracting
  • Robust Design – can withstand harsh conditions
  • Low Profile
  • Eliminates dangling and tangling Air Hoses 
  • Easy to install
  • 1,000,000 mile tested
  • DOT approved parts
  • Auxiliary Air supply

Air Line/Electrical Cable Management A Revolutionary New Product For Trucking

Up until now all Air Hoses and Electrical Cables (Air Hoses/Cable) used on Semi Trucks and Trailers today are hung and suspended by using an inferior system of brackets, wraps and springs. This archaic system DOES NOT adequately control and protect the full length Air Hoses /Cable needed while turning the Truck or moving the Trailer Axel or just going down the road. This system is plagued with problems; where brackets and springs easily wear and break; being exposed to the elements where mud, ice and snow can build up excess weight on the Air Hoses/Cable causing them to droop and drag on the payment– all these factors result in failure and /or fines.

Sidewinder is a NEW innovative product that addresses all these issues and problems by controlling and protecting the Air Line Hoses/Cable. SideWinder automatically retracts in-and-out Air Line Hoses/ Cables during turning the Truck and changing Axle position on the Trailers, any excess length not needed is retracted back inside where it is protected and stored away from the elements. SideWinder is designed to withstand the demands of the trucking industry today – Designed by a Trucker for the Trucking Industry 

SideWinder is manufactured by DK Manufacturing a subsidiary of Dave Kuker Trucking located in the Iowa Great Lakes, in the City of Spirit Lake, Iowa.        

Testimonial From Our Satisfied Customers.

I just bought a 2015 Peterbilt from Dave and saw one of those SideWinders on a truck and thought that is good idea and I wanted to be one of the first to own one, so I bought that SideWInder and had it installed on my new Pete – so far working flawlessly – Thanks Dave and let me know when more will be ready?

Frank D